AAPT likely victim of Anonymous leak


Anonymous says it will shortly release a sample of material it has obtained from an Australian Internet Service Provider (ISP).

In a chat room this morning, the group linked to AAPT’s Wikipedia page, making that ISP the likely target. The group has also insisted, on Twitter, that the leak is not fake and that the ISP concerned knows what is happening. AnonOps Radio

The group has also, on its internet radio channel, articulated a raison d’être for the release, with a person identifying themselves as “Lorax” stating the release will serve as an example of how unsafe personal data will be under Australian Government’s proposed data retention laws.

AAPT’s consumer business was acquired by iiNet in 2010, so it seems likely Anonymous will reveal details of its business customer database and try to reveal how the government uses the Internet.

Another possibility could see the data dump reveal details of former AAPT customers now under the iiNet umbrella, perhaps with personal details of politicians’ internet use.

We’ll update this story as more details emerge. ®

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