What’s the most secure desktop operating system?


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Tech Panel The debates about whether Macs are actually more secure than PCs, and whether Linux really is the daddy when it comes to bullet-proof desktop computing, have played out in articles and comments right here on this site on many occasions.

But is inherent security a meaningful concept? Perhaps a better question is how easily “securable” are the various desktop operating systems – and mobile OSes for that matter. Perhaps you think that focusing on defences at the user device level is largely a red herring in today’s world of borderless networks, mobile access and BYOD.

Considering this and the way in which external threats are developing, some are arguing that security efforts should predominantly target the network. If you have an opinion on one or more of the above issues, or any other aspect of security – including how users can be helped to protect themselves and company data from their own ignorance, thoughtlessness or neglect – then our latest reader survey is for you.

You don’t have be a security specialist to complete it – the questions should be meaningful to gurus and others alike – and you’d be doing us at the Reg a big favour by clicking here and getting stuck in. ®

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