PCC Rules that Tweets are deemed Public


08 February 2011 – [London]
The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has ruled that messages on Twitter should effectively be considered public.

Sarah Baskerville, a Department for Transport manager, last year published a series of tweets critical of the coalition’s cuts, attacking Downing Street “spin” and telling her 700 followers that the leader of a training course she attended was “mental”. The comments were published in the Daily Mail and The Independent on Sunday in November. Ms Baskerville said this information was only meant to be seen by her followers. Deciding in the newspapers’ favour today, the PCC said the fact that tweets are publicly accessible on the web was key. (more…)

Corporate Governance : Definition


I came across a good definition of Corporate Governance today :

Governance is the sum of all international and national rules, regulations, values and principles, which are binding for our company and determine how to lead and supervise. Therefore Corporate Governance is very complex and includes obligatory and voluntary measures: Observing laws and regulations, following approved standards and recommendations as well as developing and following group-owned guidelines.

Corporate Governance means “responsible management and control” in order to safeguard the company and all employees.

Money is more important


Money is more valuable that security. Simple. Its even more valuable than the security used to protect your money. Strange huh ?
That’s why corporates are insured up to the hilt. Even in situations where insurers reject claims on the basis that poor security facilitated the loss of money or assets; companies will spend more money on legal suits to recover the amounts – than they would to address the security issues that lead to the issue in the first place.

Hello World !



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